Note on Model I/III LDOS manuals

Tim Mann

Corrected 10-16-98
Updated 12-2-98
Updated 1-4-99
Updated 9-3-02
Updated 11-30-13
Updated 7-6-18

The Model I/III LDOS manuals on this site are as follows. The last one listed is the newest.

  1. The 2nd Edition manual for Model III LDOS version 5.1.x. This manual was scanned, OCR'ed, and reformatted in MS Word by Pete Cervasio, so it is searchable and it looks great. Most of the information in this manual applies to both Model I and Model III, but Model I specific information is not included. See below for some information on the differences between Model I and III.

  2. The 3rd Edition manual for Model I LDOS 5.1.x. This manual is scanned at 300 dpi, but is not OCRed, so it is a much larger download (6.7 MB) and is not searchable. Thanks to James Brusewitz for scanning this manual.

  3. The Radio Shack edition manual for Model I/III LDOS 5.1.3R, the first version of LDOS that Radio Shack licensed as their hard disk operating system. This edition combines Model I and III information, but leaves out a few things Radio Shack didn't want in there, such as LX-80 information. This manual is scanned at 300 dpi and not OCRed. It weighs in at 7.7 MB. Thanks to James Brusewitz for scanning it.

  4. The update booklet documenting the changes between 5.1 and 5.3.1, scanned, OCR'ed, and reformatted. This booklet covers both Model I and Model III.

  5. Update pages highlighting the changes between 5.3.0 and 5.3.1, scanned, OCR'ed, and reformatted. The pages cover both Model I and Model III. Note that the previous item subsumes this one, but I've supplied both anyway.

  6. A combined manual set from Misosys, dated 1992, for both LS-DOS 6 and LDOS 5, one volume for the operating system and another for BASIC. The manual set does not give the exact version numbers covered, but I believe it is for LS-DOS 6.3.1 and LDOS 5.3.1. Thanks to Errol Rosser and Ira Goldklang for these scans!

Here are some differences between Model I and Model III LDOS, for those who would prefer to download only the searchable Model III manual but need Model I information too:

M E M O R Y    M A P  -  A L P H A B E T I C    L I S T I N G

This  memory map  section  is  provided to  allow quick  lookup  of  a  memory  address
corresponding to  an LDOS  system  label. An  asterisk marks those addresses which  are
different on the (Mod I) and [Mod III].

   @ABORT----(4030),[4030]      @PAUSE----(0060),[0060]      JFCB$-----(4358),[4265]*
   @ADTSK----(4410),[403D]*     @PEOF-----(4448),[4448]      JLDCB$----(43C0),[42C2]*
   @BKSP-----(4445),[4445]      @POSN-----(4442),[4442]      JRET$-----(430C),[4222]*
   @CKDRV----(44B8),[4209]*     @PRINT----(446A),[446A]      KFLAG$----(4423),[429F]*
   @CKEOF----(444B),[4458]*     @PRT------(003B),[003B]      KIDCB$----(4015),[4015]
   @CLOSE----(4428),[4428]      @PUT------(001B),[001B]      KIJCL$----(43BE),[42BE]*
   @CMD------(4400),[4296]*     @RAMDIR---(4396),[4290]*     KISV$-----(43B8),[42B8]*
   @CMNDI----(4405),[4299]*     @READ-----(4436),[4436]      LDRV$-----(4308),[4427]*
   @CTL------(0023),[0023]      @REW------(443F),[443F]      MFLAG$----(442F),[ N/A]*
   @DATE-----(4470),[3033]*     @RMTSK----(4413),[4040]*     MULTEA----(4B6C),[4B6B]*
   @DEBUG----(440D),[440D]      @RPTSK----(4416),[4043]*     OSVER$----(403E),[441F]*
   @DIV------(44C4),[4451]*     @RREAD----(4454),[445E]*     OVRLY$----(430E),[4414]*
   @DODIR----(4463),[4419]*     @RUN------(4433),[4433]      PDRV$-----(4309),[4423]*
   @DOKEY----(44BE),[4285]*     @RWRIT----(4457),[4461]*     PRDCB$----(4025),[4025]
   @DSP------(0033),[0033]      @SKIP-----(4460),[4464]*     PRSV$-----(43BC),[42BC]*
   @DSPLY----(4467),[4467]      @TIME-----(446D),[3036]*     RDSECT----(4777),[4777]
   @DVRHK----(4033),[4033]      @VER------(443C),[443C]      RDSSEC----(4B45),[4B45]
   @ERROR----(4409),[4409]      @WEOF-----(444E),[445B]*     RSELCT----(4759),[4759]
   @EXIT-----(402D),[402D]      @WHERE----(000B),[000B]      S1DCB$----(43D8),[42D4]*
   @FEXT-----(4473),[444B]*     @WRITE----(4439),[4439]      S2DCB$----(43E0),[42DA]*
   @FNAME----(44BB),[4293]*     CFCB$-----(4480),[4485]*     S3DCB$----(43E8),[42E4]*
   @FSPEC----(441C),[441C]      DATE$-----(4044),[421A]*     S4DCB$----(43F0),[42E6]*
   @GET------(0013),[0013]      DAY$------(4047),[4417]*     S5DCB$----(43F8),[ N/A]*
   @ICNFG----(4303),[421D]*     DBGSV$----(405D),[405D]      SBUFF$----(4200),[4300]*
   @INIT-----(4420),[4420]      DCT$------(4700),[4700]      SEEK------(475E),[475E]
   @KBD------(002B),[002B]      DCTBYT----(479C),[479C]      SELECT----(4754),[4754]
   @KEY------(0049),[0049]      DFLAG$----(441F),[4289]*     SFCB$-----(44A0),[42A1]*
   @KEYIN----(0040),[0040]      DRCYL-----(4B65),[4B64]*     SFLAG$----(430F),[442B]*
   @KILL-----(442C),[442C]      DIRRD-----(4B10),[4B10]      SIDCB$----(43C8),[42C8]*
   @KITSK----(4300),[4285]*     DIRWR-----(4B1F),[4B1F]      SODCB$----(43D0),[42CE]*
   @KLTSK----(4419),[4046]*     DIVEA-----(4B7B),[4B7A]*     SVDAT1$---(4306),[442F]*
   @LOAD-----(4430),[4430]      DODCB$----(401D),[401D]      SVDAT2$---(4307),[4457]*
   @LOC------(445A),[446D]*     DOSV$-----(43BA),[42BA]*     TCB$------(4500),[4500]
   @LOF------(445D),[4470]*     GETDCT----(478F),[478F]      TIME$-----(4041),[4217]*
   @LOGER----(447E),[428D]*     HIGH$-----(4049),[4411]*     TIMER$----(4040),[4288]*
   @LOGOT----(447B),[428A]*     INBUF$----(4318),[4225]*     USTOR$----(4DFE),[4DFE]
   @MSG------(4479),[4402]*     INTIM$----(404B),[4473]*     VERSEC----(4772),[4772]
   @MULT-----(44C1),[444E]*     INTMSK$---(404C),[4474]*     WRPROT----(4768),[4768]
   @OPEN-----(4424),[4424]      INTVC$----(404D),[4475]*     WRSECT----(4763),[4763]
   @PARAM----(4476),[4454]*     JDCB$-----(430A),[4220]*     WRTRK     (476D),[476D]