Note on Model 4 LS-DOS manuals

Corrected 10-16-98
Updated 12-2-98
Updated 11-30-13

The Model 4 LS-DOS manuals on this site are as follows.

  1. Update pages that came with LS-DOS 6.3.0 and 6.3.1, detailing the changes since the TRSDOS 6.2 manual was published. (LS-DOS 6.3.x was an upgrade to TRSDOS 6.2, whose manual was published by Tandy.)
  2. A combined manual from Misosys, dated 1992, for both LS-DOS 6 and LDOS 5. The manual does not give the exact version numbers covered, but I believe it is for LS-DOS 6.3.1 and LDOS 5.3.1. (The update booklet for LDOS 5.1 to 5.3.1 mentions that a new complete manual may be made available at a later date; presumably this was it.) Thanks to Errol Rosser for this scan!

Mark Fishman tells me that "at the end Roy did update and print brand-new complete manuals for the operating system(s) and BASIC(s) -- one manual covering both LDOS and LS-DOS, and one for both MI/III and M4 BASIC." As of 11-30-13, I finally have a scan of the Misosys LDOS/LS-DOS manual, as shown above, but I don't have the BASIC manual. If anyone reading this has a copy, please get in touch with me.

Tim Mann